Wood Crusher Introduction

Wood crusher, also known as wood chipper, is specialized equipment for wood logs processing industry. This crusher equipment integrates the chipping and crushing process and is suitable for cutting 1-20 cm of branches, stems and fiber stem material like bamboo, straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalk stalk fiber materials, etc. into powder of less than 3-5mm, which is right size before pelletizing. It is widely used for machine-made charcoal plant, particle board plant, artificial board factory, bio-energy power plant, paper mill, sawdust plant, fungi planting industry, landscape greening , chemical industry, etc.

Requirement on Raw Materials and Crushing Process


The wood logs, square blocks, wood staff, etc. to be crushed had better to be with the diameter less than 200mm and the moisture content below 30%. For those wood material whose diameter is  less than 50mm, wood hammer mill is better choice. In the crushing process, the rotor rotates with the same direction of cutting blade, producing high speed airflow. The materials accelerate and impacted with the high speed airflow, thus completing the crushing process. After crushed, the output is with diameter 3-5mm for further processing.

Wood Crusher Spotlight

wood crusher knife

1.Wood crusher integrates the chipping and crushing process thus saving much labor and energy. For some large wood logs and square logs, chipping is necessary before crushing.
2.Adopted self-feeding design to ensure safe processing, avoiding any possible damage when metal piece is mistakenly put into the chamber.
3. Other merits like “NSK” bearing, low energy consumption, large capacity, and easy maintenance all make it a nice investment.

Wood Crusher Technical Parameter

Model Power Capacity Raw wood moisture Feed size Dimension
WWC11 11kw 0.4~0.7t/h 30~50% 50~150mm 1300*900*1000mm
WWC15 15kw 0.6~1t/h 30~50% 50~200mm 1300*900*1000mm
WWC22 22kw 1~1.5t/h 30~50% 50~250mm 1400*1540*1500mm
WWC30 30kw 1.5~2t/h 30~50% 50~250 mm 1500*1540*1500mm

Other Models

Wood-crusher (1) small wood chipper wood crusher 2