Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine-a New Field 

Originally designed to make feed pellets, flat die wood pellet machine was popular in early years. Taking customers feedback and energy market into consideration, we have absorbed the technique and brought it into wood pelletizing field. For the users who just want to recycle their agricultural waste such as corn stalk, rice husk, wheat bran,etc, investment in flat die wood pellet mill is a desirable and wise choice.

Wood Pelletizing Process of Flat Die Pellet Mill


Wood pellets are produced by compressing the biomass material which is first grinded to provide a uniform dough-like mass. Then the mass is fed to a pelletizing chamber and formed pellets through a die with holes of the required size. The high pressure of the press makes the temperature of the wood increase greatly and the lignin slightly forms a natural “glue” which is a substance that holds the pellet together. The size of pellets is generally kept to be about 6mm diameter and 25mm length in the form of a cylinder. Of course, we can customize dies with different die holes.

Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill Features 


1. The pellet mill is made of wear-resistant material thus having a long service life.
2. Ready-to-get raw materiasl like paddy straw, sunflower stalk, forestry wastes, wood chips, and many other wastes or solid powder material.
3. Able to change new die and rollers fast and conveniently.
4. Small and light weight which make it widely used in home,small farm,and light industrial.
5.Visibility of the material during pelleting is the best way to fix problems timely.
6. Environmental friendly; energy-saving and low noise.

Electric Flat Die Pellet Machine for Wood Pellets Specifications

Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
ALCF-200EW 80-120kg/h 7.5kw 950x450x800mm 360kg
ALCF-300EW 200-300kg/h 15kw 1300×600×1300mm 450kg
ALCF-350EW 300-450kg/h 22kw 1500×650×1350mm 520kg
ALCF-400EW 400-600kg/h 30kw 1400x800x1400mm 1400kg
ALCF-450EW 500-700kg/h 37kw 1400x800x1400mm 1600kg
ALCF-500EW 800-1000kg/h 55kw 1800x1200x1650mm 2300kg
ALCF-550EW 900-1200kg/h 75kw 2100x1200x2150mm 2800kg
ALCF-800EW 1800-2000kg/h 132/160kw 2900x1900x2400mm 4500kg