Hot-sale Diesel Wood Pellet Machine

As we all know, the original design of flat die pellet mill is used to making feed stuff for animals, through client feedback and technology innovation, flat die pellet mill is now widely used in biomass pellet making industry. With compact structure and novel design, our diesel wood pellet machine is very attractive not only because of making the good combustion pellets but low energy consumption. The diesel engine makes great contribution to digging large market in those electricity shortage places.

Diesel Wood Pellet Mill Features

120d Gasoline-Engine-Pellet-Mill-Wood-Pellet-Machine-Feed-Pellet-Mill


1. Adopt cold-pressing molding technology, the die is of premium quality and long service time.
2. The key components are made by high quality alloy steel and wear-resisting material, cast by German vacuum furnace heat treatment, the life time will be 5-7 times more than the common one.
3. The friction caused by different coverage of inner and outer rollers edge make the produced pellets more solid and easy to transport.
4. Various processing capacities from 30-450 kg/h for your choice.
5. Widely applied to small-sized factory, plant and individual home.

About Wood Pellets Material

Diesel pellet mill has extensive raw materials mainly from crude fiber like all crop straws, household garbage, waste plastic and other biomass wastes to wood logs, sawdust, plastic, foam and fibrous. In pelleting process, some binder need to be added for smooth surface of pellets, if the feed stocks has not enough resin content.

Two Working Principle of Flat Die



Biomass materials are compressed between the rollers and dies to form pellets. Some of the machines have a stationary roller shaft with a rotating pellet die, and others have a rotating roller shaft with stationary pellet die. While each approach has its own pros and cons, roller-turning design is widely applied on large scale pellet production and die-turning design is generally suitable for individual or soft material pressing such as straw and grass.

Diesel Wood Pellet Machine Specification

Model Capacity Power Diameter of molds
ALCF-120DW 30-50kg/h 8HP 120mm
ALCF-150DW 80-100 kg/h 8HP 150mm
ALCF-200DW 100-150 kg/h 15HP 200mm
ALCF-230DW 150-180 kg/h 22HP 230mm
ALCF-260DW 180-230 kg/h 30HP 260mm
ALCF-300DW 250-300 kg/h 55HP 300mm
ALCF-360DW 300-400kg/h 55HP 360mm
ALCF-400DW 400-450kg/h 55HP 400mm