2TPH Eucalyptus Pellet Plant Successful Installation in Thailand

Why Allance Pellet Plant

As one of China pellets machine manufacturer, Allance has always been devoted to professional guidance on pellet production line and kindhearted service, that’s why our pellet machine and plant has enjoyed huge popularity throughout the whole world.

Equipment for Eucalyptus Pellet Plant

Composed of wood crusher, wood dryer, ring die pellet mill and counter-flow cooler, this 2 TPH Eucalyptus Pellet Plant is cost-saving but high efficient, just what an investment pursuing. The Thais choose locally source-Eucalyptus as raw material. Based on raw material and customer’special requirements, we tailored this biomass pellet plant.

Why Wood crushing

Wood crusher is necessary to process round logs, square blocks or woods. It deals with 2m long, diameter of 200 mm and 30% moisture content raw material.

wood crushing

Wood Drying Machine

The dryer mainly consists of hot-air stove, drying pipes and drought fan. Wood sawdust or chips are transferred to dryer by belt conveyor. After drying, the wood sawdust or chips is of 15-17% moisture content. The processing capacity is 2TPH.

drying machine 001

Why Ring Die Pellet Mill

As the eucalyptus is naturally hard and less-oil-content, we choose ring die pellet mill with the ring die depth of 70-72 mm and compression ratio of 4.5, which are scientific data and ensure perfect biomass pellets.

ring die 001

Adjustment of Ring Die Depth

ring die pellet mill

Why Choose Counter-flow Cooler


Compared to other cooling machine, counter-flow cooler is much more suitable for cooling wood pellet, and ensure complete cooling. The cooler is easy to install, simple to adjust and with high cooling efficiency.

parts 01

Why Alloy Steel for Component Parts

We choose alloy steel rather than stainless steel, which is fragile in high temperature and tend to explore during pelletizing.

Biomass energy is a kind of thriving clean fuel and what we should do is to push it flourishing. The ready-to-use agriculture waste, wood waste and municipal waste, are all strong evidence that biomass pellet manufacture industry is worth your investment. Join us,and you will dig out endless business opportunities!