Pellet machine is a type of machine used to make pellets from powdered material. There are different types of pellet machines and two of the most common types are wood pellet machine and feed pellet machine. In recent years, they have been applied wider and wider. Nevertheless, there are some frequently asked questions about the pellet machine. To have a full understanding of pellet machine can help you use and operate the pellet machine better and make the production run smoothly.

I. Why the pellet machine generates some abnormal sound and great vibration during working?

What factors should be mainly considered?

pellet machine 01

1. The delivery of material is not stable. We should adjust the feeding speed of the pellet machine.
2. Maybe it is the uneven feed that is caused by the worn scraper. You should change a new scraper.
3. The ring die and roller of the pellet machine may be collocated improperly. You’d better use new ring die together with new roller.
4. The clearance between the ring die and the roller is not suitable. You ought to adjust the clearance between them.

5. There is something wrong with the roller. Maybe the new roller and the old roller are used at the same time or the roller is worn out or damaged.
6. The formula for material is difficult to pellet. You could adjust the formula properly.
7. There are some sundries in the chamber. You should clear the sundries in time.
8. The main bearing is worn out or damaged. You need to replace the bearing.

II. What happened to the pellet machine when the electricity is not stable?

1. Clearance between the ring die and the roller is not suitable.
2. Riving knife is seriously worn which lead to separation of material.
3. Grading screen is worn out.
4. Material, additives and steam are mixed unevenly.
5. Transmission belt is loose.

flat die 01

III. How to deal with the problem that the pellet machine can’t start up?

1. Check whether the power supply is normal.
2. Check whether the shear pin is fractured.
3. Check whether every stroke’s switch has been turned on.
Realizing the above common problems can save you a lot of trouble in pellet machine operation. So it’s necessary to have a better and complete understanding of pellet mill.