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To operate a charcoal briquette machine is not difficult. However, there will come out a problem moment seemingly beyond your ability. Here are the familiar cases and their corresponding resolutions.

What Will You Do When You Hear A Blast

There are several reasons resulting this matter as following:charcoal briquette
1.Temperature is controlled incorrectly.
2.Water in raw materials is too large.
3.There is wear and tear in propeller.
4.Pivoting point is asymmetric.
5.Vent hole is blocked.
6.The first spiral in propeller is over or under size.
7.Screw is mounted unreasonable.
You may inspect the above reasons and process it accordingly.

When Charcoal Briquette Is Invisible

Sometimes the charcoal briquette hasn’t emerged after you have been waited for a long time. The reasons have also been summarized:
1.Temperature is too hot or too cold.
2.Molding cover is wear and tear.
3.Too much moisture inside the raw materials.
4.The screw length is too long or too short when it enters into sleeve. Ditto when you are faced with thus dilemma.

How Do You Deal With Bright Luster On Section?

Maybe you will say it is not serious when you face this situation. However,Bright Luster means a strong tightness but weak hardness, whose cause is that the first screw is too rough. Thus you should polish it to be level and smooth.

Why You Saw Longitudinal Crack?

If you see longitudinal crack, there are two main factors.One is water moisture is too low, the other is heating temperature is too high. Disposal method depends on what the problem is.

And When You See Crosswise Crack…

It is obvious that the reverse occurs contrast to situation above when crosswise crack come to light.
What’s To Be Done When Scattered Sawdust Appears?
That is because of the low density from technical viewpoint. In general,there are two main reasons. One is attrition in pivot point of propeller, you need to have a repair welding. The other is obliquity in pivot point,it is strongly recommended your rectify by high temperature.

What Would You Do When Up Against Air-Back?

Yet,what is air-back? Air-back always shows up by expelling gas from feed opening. Some accounts below are worth your consideration.
1.Raw materials are not enough.
2.Raw materials contain too much water.
3.Temperature is too low.
4.Screw is off-centered.

Why Smoke Is Arising?

On taking out charcoal briquettes, this bug may appear. Not only temperature is probably too high, but also compression ratio is too large. And even when some sparks are witnessed, it is a warning light about a critical fire point.
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