About Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill

SWFL series ultra fine feed hammer mill is a new grinding device that applies to all sizes of feed plants. It can grind all grain products such as corn, broomcorn, wheat, rice, etc. after the sieving, iron removing, and mixing stages. The ground products can be further processed as animal feed, especially suitable for shrimp, turtles, eel, and other little animals.

Features and Advantages

1. Grinding and grading process is finished in one machine; even granularity.
2. Advanced grading device and high grading degree.
3. Equipped with many sensors, stable performance.
4. The silencer can reduce noise by a large margin.
5. Adopt high-strength alloy steel blade, wear-resistant, low investment cost.
6. Widely used in food products, chemical industry, building materials, pharmacy, and feed industry, especially in the aquacultural feed processing industry.

ultra fine hammer mill fine hammer mill

Hammer Mill Working Condition

This feed hammer mill should be installed in a basement or the ground floor with a temperature of -5-40℃. During the working procedure, it is matched with other equipment and composed a whole plant. A steady output voltage is necessary and a deviation of 5% is allowed. The diameter of material fed into the hammer mill should be less than 1mm, and the moisture lower than 12%.

Technical Data

Model Output Main power Rotor diameter Rotor speed Feeding motor speed
SWFL42 0.2-0.6t/h 22kw 420mm 4865rpm 0.55kw
SWFL75 0.4-1.2t/h 45kw 750mm 2598rpm 0.75kw
SWFL102 0.6-2.5t/h 75/90kw 1020mm 1878rpm 0.75kw
SWFL128 0.8-3.5t/h 110/132kw 1280mm 1558rpm 2.2kw

Master Drawing of Ultra Fine Hammer Mill