SLHY Series Screw Belt Mixer Introduction 

Feed mixers are used in feed mills for the mixing of feed ingredients and premixes, with efficient mixing being the key to good pelleted feed production. SLHY series screw belt mixer is a horizontal mixer featuring double rotors and is driven by a cycloidal wheel reducer. It is widely applied in the compound feed industry, food industry, chemical industry, and flour processing industry.

SLHY Series Screw Belt Mixer Features 

1. Optimal design of bidirectional ribbon blades mounted on a horizontal rotor, The mixer comes with stirring gentle, high mixing uniformity, and no gravity segregation.
2. High-speed mixing, short mixing cycle about 3~6min.
3. Full-length discharging door with quick discharging and low residue. easy to operate and maintain
4. Multiple atomizing nozzles can be equipped for liquid addition.
5. Stable operation generates less wear and tear.
6. We provide a feed mixing machine made of carbon steel, stainless steel, and composite materials for your choice.

Feed Material Mixer Machine Using Cautionsscrew belt mixer

1. These screw belt mixers usually discharge the mixed product from the bottom, choose a suitable valve form.
2. Input raw materials lot by lot after the mixing machine start. Full load start is easy to burn the motor.
3. Pay attention to feed intake sequences, generally input main ingredients like corn flour, and soybean powder first, and then premix.

SLHY Series Screw Belt Mixer Technical Parameter

Model Effective Volume Capacity Mixing Time Evenness(CV%≤) Power
SLHY1 1m³ 500kg 3~6min 7 11kw
SLHY2 2m³ 1000kg 3~6min 7 18.5kw
SLHY4 4m³ 2000kg 3~6min 7 30kw
SLHY6 6m³ 3000kg 3~6min 7 37kw
SLHY8 8m³ 4000kg 3~6min 7 45kw

Master Drawing of Screw Belt Mixer