Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill Introduction

Ring die pellet mill is an ideal pelletizing machine for high-quality feed pellets. Before pelletizing, grains such as corn, wheat, rice, soybean, etc. need to be crushed into powder. Also, they should be mixed thoroughly with a mixer since other additives may be added to ensure a balanced feed formulation. The finished feed pellets have a  smooth surface and are easy to digest for animals. Therefore ring dies feed pellet mill is widely adopted by livestock farms, poultry farms, the feed processing industry, and aquaculture.

Different Requirements for Animal Feed Pelletsring die pellet mill

Different animals have special requirements for pellets, we have several types of ring die pellet mills which can respectively produce livestock feed pellets, poultry feed pellets, aquatic feed pellets, etc.

animals pig cattle chicken fish shrimp
Pellet diameter(mm) ø3.5-6.5 ø4.5-8 ø3.2 ø2.0, ø2.5, ø3.0 ø1.0-ø3.5

Features and Advantages

1. Adopted spheroidal graphite cast iron structure and permanent magnet device, aerodynamic technology reduces the temperature in pelletizing chamber to around 90°C for the machine works continuously.
2. Treated by hardness quenching and milling machine, the gears maintain high concentricity with the shaft, Thus ensuring a good performance and large capacity than belt-driven models.
3. With a lubrication system, you can add grease to the main shaft without powering off the machine.
4. Equipped with an advanced compensation serpentine-spring coupling which connects the pelletizing chamber with the motor to increase safety and stability.
5. Conditioners can be mounted above the pellet machine where liquids such as water and molasses can be added to improve palatability. The more conditioner, the higher feed pellets quality.

Unique Characters of Ring Die Pellet Mill for Making Feed Pelletsring die feed pellet mill

1. Gravity feeding. Unlike biomass pellets materials, grains for making feed pellets can get into the feeder freely, thus imperative feeding device is not necessary.
2. Steam conditioning improved pellet durability and production rates as well as decreased the number of fines generated and energy consumption. Multi-layer conditioners can be mounted to produce aquatic feed pellets.

Technology Parameters

Model Capacity Main Power Feeding Power Conditioner Power Rotating Rate
SZLH320 2-5t/h 37kw 0.55kw 2.2kw 305rpm
SZLH350 1.5-8t/h 55kw 0.75kw 2.2kw 336rpm
SZLH400 2-10t/h 75/90kw 0.75kw 2.2kw 307rpm
SZLH420 3-12t/h 110kw 1.5kw 5.5kw 287rpm
SZLH508 4-20t/h 132/160kw 1.5kw 7.5kw 287rpm

Master Drawing of Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill