Liquid Adding Machine Introduction and Application

SYTV series automatic liquid adding machine is essential equipment in processing animal feed. It is used to automatically add grease, ammonia acid, and other nutrients during the feedstuff mixing process and is meant to provide high-quality feed. Therefore, this automatic equipment is widely applied to processing feedstuff for livestock, poultry, aquatic and other animals.

Liquid Adding Machine Major Features liquid adding machine

1. Reliable control, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
2. Adjustable adding amount and high adding accuracy.
3. High precision flowmeter and advanced PLC system guarantee stable operation and accurate measure.
4. Inlet and outlet of the pipe are equipped with a filtration system, which can remove the impurities in the liquid and prevent blockage of the flowmeter and nozzle.
5. Air spraying system is optional, which can clean the remaining liquid in the pipe and avoid liquid leakage when liquid adding stops.
6. Excellent anti-interference performance and high automation.


The largest addition amount of the machine is limited to no more than 3% of the capacity of the feed mixer, or it will affect the pelletizing process. If there is a need to add 3%~8% grease or liquid, grease spraying to particles is necessary.

Liquid Adding Machine Technical Parameter

Model Storage tank Adding accuracy Adding rate Power
SYTV32 1t ±1﹪ 32/min 2×1.5kw
SYTV63 2t ±1﹪ 63/min 2×4kw