Fine Grinding Hammer Mill Introduction

This type of fine grinding hammer mill is ideal grinding equipment widely used in medium feed plants, alcohol plants, citric acid factories, food products factories, etc. Feed grinders play an important role in feed pellets production facilities. The prominent characteristics like advanced design, nice body shape, high strength, and stable performance all make it welcome in the crushing field.

Feed Hammer Mill Merits

1. Equipped with SKF bearings, good performance, low working temperature.
2. Fine and even granularity. ¢3mm sieving screen can granulate materials as fine as ¢2mm.
3. Flexible switching structure and elastic press screen arrangement; easy to maintain.
4. Energy conservation, 5.5 degrees per hour-lower than 6.7 degrees.
5. Large capacity and output (3-7t/h), reliable performance.
6. Reasonable design. The adopted direct transmission system, equipped with a removable iron device matched with a feeder which can ensure safe operation. The screens are arranged in a crisscross pattern which makes material discharged smoothly.

fine grinding hammer mill 1 fine grinding machine

Application and adaptability

▷It is suitable for coarse-grinding and fine-grinding of various granular grain materials, such as corn, sorghum, rice, wheat, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, and rapeseed meal.
▷It can be widely used in food, feed, starch, chemical industry, raw material crushing, and marigold, forage, such as a smaller proportion of material crushed.
▷A variety of sieve specifications is optional.

Hammer Mill Technical Data

Model Power Capacity Hammer number Rotor diameter Spindle speed
SDH-ZW36A 22/37kw 3-5 t/h 48 φ560/φ570mm 2980r/min
SDH-ZW40A 37/45kw 5-7 t/h 56 φ560/φ570mm 2980r/min


Master Drawing of Fine Grinding Hammer Mill