Double-shaft Mixer Introduction and Application 

SSHJ Series Double-shaft Mixer is widely used for mixing powdery, granular, flaky, and blocky materials in the industry of feed, food, chemical industry, fertilizer, etc. The mixing process plays a vital role in feed pellets production for animals’ complete nutritional intake. This mixer with a rapid, thorough mixing principle can achieve liquid addition and quick discharge.

Feed Mixer Machine Structure

A double shaft feed mixer is designed with a horizontal seashell shape mixing cabinet. The shafts are equipped with many rotor blades. The upper part is a spraying system that is suitable for mixing all kinds of light and heavy material and preventing their clotting. The discharging part is also an advantage that ensures a large amount of material is relieved.

double shaft mixer mixer

Machine Features and Advantages

1. High mixing speed, uniformity, and short mixing period, 30-120sec/batch.
2. High mixing evenness, CV≤5%, no gravity segregation, loading quantity vary in a large range.
3. Big door-opening discharge port ensures quick discharging with fewer material residues.
4. It can be fitted with a compressed air cleaning system and reduces the residues to the lowest level.
5. Equipped with return air pipe, without dust leakage.
6. Customized atomizing spraying system for evenly mixing by addition of molasses and grease.
7. Various choices of machines made of carbon steel, stainless steel, and composite materials.

Technical parameter

Model Effective Volume Mixing Capacity Mixing Time Mixing Evenness(CV%≤)     Power
SSHI0.2 0.2m³ 100kg 30~120s 5 3/4kw
SSHJ0.5 0.5m³ 250kg 30~120s 5 5.5/7.5kw
SSHJ1 1m³ 500kg 30~120s 5 11/15kw
SSHJ2 2m³ 1000kg 30~120s 5 15/18.5kw
SSHJ4 4m³ 2000kg 30~120s 5 22/30kw
SSHJ6 6m³ 3000kg 30~120s 5 37/45kw

Master Drawing of Double Shaft Mixer