Diesel Feed Pellet Mill Introduction


Pellet mill is frequently driven by diesel engines or electric motors. A diesel feed pellet mill is energy saving pellet machine for making feedstuff for animals such as feed for rabbits, fish, chickens, pigs, sheep, cattle, etc. A variety of raw materials like all grains such as corn, broomcorn, barley, wheat, etc. can be processed into feed pellets. The feed pelletizing process is easy in operation and low in cost, with a high survival rate of biomass microorganism bacterium >90%. Different from the electric motor type, a diesel pellet mill can be widely used in regions that are short on electricity. Simply turn on the switch, and the diesel engine can start up and work independently.

Diesel Flat Die Pelleted Feed Maker Features

feed pellet mill

1. Driven by a diesel engine, this diesel flat dies pellet mill can be used nearly everywhere in the world, especially popular for areas with a shortage supply of electricity.
2. Diesel flat die pellet mill has a compact structure and is lightweight which enables it to be moved freely and more adjustable to small pellet production.
3. Equipped with high-quality alloy steel roller and die by advanced craft. The visibility design of the pelletizing chamber ensures a smooth pelletizing process and timely repairing.
4. Feed and grass meal can be directly made into pellets without adding any liquid materials. The pellets size varies from dia2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm to 8mm for different kinds of animals.

Flat Die Feed Pelleting Processflat-dierollers

Firstly, put materials into the feeder and let them fall down onto a set of rotating rollers over the die; then, the materials will be compressed between the surface of the die and the rotating rollers, while pellets coming out of the die they will be cut into set length by a sharp knife. The temperature is about 70℃ in the process, so the protein freezes, the nutritional value increases and is easy to absorb for animals, pellets inside are ripening and outside slippy, rigid enough, and suitable for long-term storage.

Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine Specification

Model Capacity for feed pellets Power (HP) Diameter of molds
ALCP-120DF 50-80 kg/h 8HP 120 mm
ALCP-150DF 100-150 kg/h 8HP 150 mm
ALCP-200DF 200-250 kg/h 15HP 200 mm
ALCP-230DF 250-300 kg/h 22HP 230 mm
ALCP-260DF 300-400 kg/h 30HP 260 mm
ALCP-300DF 400-500 kg/h 55HP 300 mm
ALCP-360DF 500-600kg/h 55HP 360 mm
ALCP-400DF 600-700kg/h 55HP 400 mm