How Do You Deal With the Straw

It is a very grand picture depicts rich straw resource in the world. However, one problem will emerge in most people’s minds: How do you deal with them?
To Burn Straw is Only to Pollute Air and Waste Resource.
A large area of waste straw burning on the cornfield will directly lead to a serious air pollution, not only in the locality but also to our earth. besides,this activity will give rise to a biomass resource waste.
Worldwide waste resources have brought us to a state where a long-range environment protect plan is essential. Yes, it is high time that we should take drastic measures to chang this situation. Why not convert the waste resource to a  clean fuel? And why not turn the straws into pellets in order to be transported? An increasing number of people have seized the opportunity.

Biomass Straw Pellets Widely Used in Power Station

power station


Nowadays biomass pellet machine has been the leader. And Allance have the most versatile line of machines available to meet your needs. It can indeed bring you a big fortune. Here I will explain the pellets potential as fuel in heat power station or thermal power plant.

First, raw materials can be found easily. In addition to straw, other materials such as straw, halm, leaf, corn bran and saw dust can also be used as fuel for heat power station or thermal power plant.
Second, easy to be stored and transported. Comparing to the original straw, the final pellets fuel is one thirtieth in bulk and their density will rise tenfold. Therefore,straw pellets are easy to be stored and transported, which have been supported as a kind of perfect solid fuel.

Third, relevant technical parameters. Take cornstalk pellets fuel as an example. If you put the pellets into the matched boiler and lit them up, their heat utilization rate is equal to coal in the same weight. Meanwhile, pellets burning speed is fifteen percent faster than coal. Under normal circumstance, there is no ash and dust discharge during pellets burning.

Last but not least,why not straw powder or pulverized coal as bunkers? May be you will have such question. Don’t worry. We have enough reason. It is well known that straw powder has a short burn time. That is to say, we can call it detonation. Contemporary, the straw powder is space consuming.  Furthermore, if you want to change straw powder to pulverized coal, it is not cost-efficient, because you have to transform a lot on your stove or boiler.  However, with no need for change anything, it is allowed for you to put pellets into the hearth for burning.Besides,  biomass pellets are convenient to be conveyed.