horse bedding

If you want to better manage your stable yard, straw pellets are the optimal choice. As they have many advantages over traditional bedding, such as wood shavings or other bedding materials. This explains why there has been soaring demand for horse bedding pellets. We can offer high quality pellets mill for you.

♧ Good Absorptionstraw_pellets_pic

Straw pellet horse bedding is compressed by 100% pure straw, whose excellent suckling property determines straw pellet horse bedding with good absorbency, which not only contribute to the absorption of urine and moisture, but also conduce to the drainage of rain water timely. Moreover, the absorption of urine can reduce the ammonia odour in the stable, which is healthier for horse and the feeder.

♧ Easily Clean Muck Heap

The use of straw pellet horse bedding can reduce a mass of waste taken from horse stable rapidly, as the horse muck will heap up the soft bedding, and with urine forming clumps, which are visible and easily clear out. Meantime, the amount of straw pellet removed from horse stable can be reduced compared to wood shavings, thus not only can be less wasteful but also reduce labor work.

♧ Comfortable and Healthy

Research shows that some people do not like these bedding pellet because they think these pellets are considerably large solid, which will make their horse uncomfortable. Actually, these bedding pellet breakdown easily and is naturally softer than wood pellet. Apart from comfort, pellet bedding is very low in dust, hygienic and allergen free, as the temperature is 75-85℃ in granulation process,so it is beneficial to the health of horse and human.

straw_pellets♧ Eco-friendly

Straw pellet horse bedding used alleviate our impact on the environment by cutting down the consumption of wood or other materials. Moreover, the straw pellets used can be recycled easily and reused in other ways, such as fertilizer. They can decompose rapidly and will not pollute the soil.

♧ Less Storage Spacestraw_pellet_horse_bedding

After compressed, straw pellets can be packaged in bags, the horse owners or stable managers only need less storing place. Meantime, they are easy to transport and move around.

The straw pellets are made by compressing dry straw under extremely high pressure. Compressed straw pellets featured by low moisture content( generally less than 10%) and high density(about 3-4 times of raw materials). We have reasons to believe that these products will become more popular by horse owners and stables managers around the world.

Do you want to use straw pellets as your horse bedding? Our company specializes in straw pellet mill, which is suitable for the production of various pellets. If you would like buy it or make straw pellets by yourself, please contact us freely.