Nowadays,rabbit raise is blessed with new opportunities and face new challenges.Feed account for a considerable proportion in the whole raise cost.How to save customers’money is the urging issue for we Allance,which is a leading pellet machines manufacturer and trader in China. It is undenied that there is a growing world -wide awareness of the need for rabbit feed pellet machines. The reason why you should select pellet machines are as following:

1.High forge value.

The new survey has revealed that pellet feed can increase the average daily feed intake by 10%-15%.During pressing, there is an amazing process called starch pasting,which brings a delicious flavor for rabbits.To whet the appetite, pellet feed are more palatable.

2.Adaptive rabbit feed pellet rigidity.

It is well known that rabbits have an interesting hobby ,which is to grind their teeth.Exactly right ,pellets meet their expectation.Pellets feed are harder than wet-mixing ones.With pellets’ help,you don’t need to prepare big chunks of wood bricks or branches for them in particular.Please remember pellets will save your plenty of time to do other things what you like.

feed pellet rabbit feed pellet rabbit feed

3.Keep off PICKY NICKY.

Are you anxious about piddling of your lovely rabbits now?Yes,particular interests about their mixed diet will lead to general malnutrition.However,if you replace mixed feed with pellet ones, your rabbits will grow up more healthier.The uppermost reason is that pellets feed have mixed and suppressed all materials thoroughly before feeding rabbits.

4.Improve the rabbit feed pellet digestibility.

There are two obvious grounds of arguments concerning on this character.It is a long chewing time when rabbits are eating pellet feed.This process can promote their mouth to secrete more amylase and have a intensive mixture between feed and saliva,so that pellets feed have a benefit impact on intestinal peristalsis. Meanwhile,high temperature and pressure can enhance enzymatic activity of protein.Besides,some substances that will block nutrition assimilation,such as anti-trypsin factors,can not be ignored.However,short-time high temperature inactive them just enough.

5.Reduce the spread of diseases.

Many people are under the illusion that high temperature destroy protein,while they fail to realize that a short -time high temperature about 70℃-100℃s able to kill parasitic ovum and pathogens.It goes without saying that pellet feed have huge contribution to reduce diseases. It has been investigated that dysentery,stomatitis and pica have a sharply downward trend after a period time of pellet feed use.What you should note here is if you have feed stock,please field and dry your feed in time in case mustiness.

In conclusion,numerous factors have proved that pellet feed machines are the first choice for your rabbits raise.What a happy thing for rabbits when they are munching delicious diet after smell a tempting pellets flavor.Just imagine!