pellets in boilers

Wide Application of Wood Pellets

As we all know, wood pellets are ideal fuel for home heating in pellet stoves and boilers. Besides, wood pellets are also widely used in industrial boilers for heat and power generation. Other application of wood pellets includes animal bedding and BBQ pellets. There is also an increasing trend of factories to install wood pellets burning boilers instead of costly oil and gas. Usually, the decision to wood pellet is more economic as the wood pellets become more favorable with the increasing price of fossil fuels. Today, nearly all wood-heating boiler installations and pelletizing machines have a large market share in forest industry plants which have abundant raw material. However, at the same time, we are beginning to see wood pellet boiler installations in other industries such as textile, power stations, brick plants, greenhouses, tanneries,etc.

Advantages of Biomass Fuel Over Traditional Fossil Fuel

1. Biomass fuel is good for the environment by less emission of greenhouse gases and contribute to protecting the earth.

2. Biomass energy is a renewable resource and it plays an important role in managing our forest industry. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis and release it back into the atmosphere during decomposing or burning process. By this way, biomass energy system utilizes this residue in an environmentally friendly manner.

pellets in boiler 1 pellets in boilers

Choose Pellets not Raw Wood Materials

With the trend of biomass pellets become much popular,there is a hot discussion about why people choose pellets not the raw wood? The following are main reasons:

The raw material of biomass pellets can be more easily got which including grass, agri-stalks, grasses, etc. While the wood can  only come from trees which grow slowly and have a long cycle period. The other main reason why choose pellets instead of raw wood is that pellets burn more efficiently and produce less smoke, less ash and more heat. Besides, the pellet with uniform size and moisture also help to make a highly automated heating system.

Choose Trustworthy Pellet Mill Manufacturer

To make biomass pellets, the most important thing is to choose a pellet mill manufacturer with good quality machines and rich experience. Since the market is filled with various manufactures, you should have a thoughtful consideration of the comprehensive factors. As the professional manufacturer of pellet machine and pellet plant, we can provide customer with top quality machines and considerate guidance.