Puffing Pellets Machine for Farming Fish

Fish feed is sources that fishes heavily rely on to live and it accounts for 80% in the whole fish breeding cost.Good feed helps fish grow up healthily,while unqualified one leads to their delayed development or all kinds of fish disease. Scientists have supported that superior full price puffing fish feed pellets are the best choice for feeding your fish

What Are Puffing Pellets

So far, fish feed have passed through 3 phases, which include powder, pellets and now puffing pellets. Puffing pellets are higher level fish feed comparing to pellet ones.According to scientific formula, puffing pellets have variety shapes produced by advanced floating fish feed pellet machine to meet all fish nutrition needs.

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Advantages of Floating Fish Feed Pellets

There are some strong points about puffing pellets

Firstly, as a new technology, there is an instant high temperature process when puffing. During this period,feed’s fiber structure is softened and the starch is pasted extremely.  Actually, fish is a kind of low grade animal with a simple digestive system, thus puffing feed pellets are easy to be digested and absorbed for fish. Meanwhile,high temperature can kill the germs and parasites with high efficiency in order to guarantee  fish health.

Secondly, puffing pellets produced by our machines can float in water for 3-15 hours. The only thing you need to do is to throw puffing feed into water. You can watch fish eat process clearly so that it is convenient to find problem in time. What an amazing machine! To decrease workload and save cost are also obvious merits.

The last but not least, puffing pellets contribute to improving water quality. Nowadays, water pollution is more and more serious and one factor is fish feed accumulation.  Fish feed accumulation not only gives rise to water pollution, but also causes fish disease.  Puffing pellets are your sensible choice. With the floating feature, puffing pellets quantity is easy to control so as not to contaminate fish living environment.


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How To Make Your Own Fish Feed pellets

Good raw materials. The quality of raw materials is directly related to fish growth,therefore to ensure comprehensive feed nutrition is the basic step.

High quality feed pellets machines. You can use our fish feed pellet machine to process puffing pellets wanted. There are dry type and wet type fish feed pellet machine for your choice. With higher yield and efficiency, wet type ones, which will bring you more convenience and greater fortune, are our sincere proposal for large scale fish farm.

An ideal fish feed pellet plant. Apart from a right puffing pellet machine, our pellet machine line can make your job easier. We are one of the leading pellet mills manufacturers in China who specializes in the design and manufacture of Feed Pellet Machines. Our technical experts are here to solve your problem.If you need help, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible.