As we known,charcoal briquette is formed when you burn carbon-rich materials such as wood in a poor-oxygen atmosphere. This process drives off  moisture exists in the initial woody materials. Therefore,the final charcoal not only burns more steadily and longer than whole wood, but also it is convenient to be transported.

charcoal briquette Line

There are five steps to create perfect charcoal briquettes as following:

1.Preparing Raw Materials

When you are collecting raw materials,various stuff are available.For example, burnt charcoal,rice husk,com cob,maise stalk,waste cartoon,wood pieces,empty fruit brunches,tree trimmings and so on.There is no doubt that it is an effective and environment-friendly act.

2.Crushing Or Crumbingwood-chipper

Generally speaking,it is not advisable to briquette raw materials directly.Crushing or crumbing is necessary.After this step,raw materials can be formed into pellets so that it is convenient to be manufactured further.With a simple and novel design,our crushing machine is composed of two main sections,which include chassis and smash parts.
For the former,the channel beam can  stabilize foundation and provide supports for its overhead units.
While for the latter,motor drives the main shaft.When the crush is finished,you can easily proceed the next stage.




Here our pipe dryer is surely necessary.Although for the peanut shell or rice husk,there is certain water inside,which will influence the briquetting.That is to say,apart from crushing,only after drying can you reach standard for briquetting.
But how to use a drying machine?Firstly,you need to put pellets materials into baking oven and ignite scraps or other waste wood to heat it.Then the pellet materials will contact with flu-gas fully.After that,the raw materials will be turned into dried objects.In general,if the materials contain water moisture between 8% and 12%,they are eligible.

4. Briquetting

charcoal briquette machine


Charcoal briquetting machine is the key equipment in the whole production line.Its working principle is to press the woody pellets into carbon rods,which is a type of semi-finished products with a hollow hole. Due to fiber and lignin inclusive,these pellets can form shapes you need without any additive.It is high temperature and huge pressure from screw that bring us perfect charcoal briquettes.
Here are reasons for you to choose our charcoal briquette machine:
First.We adopt screw propeller to extrude pellets into robs.
Second.Superior temperature control device is mounted to guarantee stable.
Third.Novel alloy structure and repair craft ensure its long and enough lifetime.
Forth.Professional technical guide is followed.

5. Carbonization Or Charring

Carbonizing machine


There is no doubt that this stage is also essential.As I am writing this,the first thing I want to mention is that we also have our own advanced charcoal furnace.After self-ignition we will get the final charcoal briquettes used in every field.
Stop here,we can see a regular pattern,that is,we are always making contact with temperature when in producing charcoal briquettes. Only control the temperature can we improve high quality charcoal briquettes.Don’t worry. Top technical experts in Allance are waiting for you to solve your problems. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible when you need help.