wood pellets bedding for horse

Wood pellets are good substance to make an ideal animal bedding. Because the pellets have a high density, they are easy to transport and store. When activated by adding small quantity of water they turn back to sawdust but as a little water is added, there is no dust in the stable. As the wood pellets have about 4% moisture, they are more absorbent than traditional wood shavings and corn crops. Wood pellets can provide a much cleaner and more pleasant living environment for your live stock and animals.

Most Suitable for Bedding of The Following

1. Family Livestock ( goats, lambs,cattle)
2. Horse or Equine (stable and trailer)
3. Poultry(hen, duck, goose,etc.)
4. Cats (pen and litte box)
5. Small Caged Animal

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Why Choose Wood Pellets As Animal Bedding

Our quality machine can ensure a rigorous and carefully controlled manufacturing process which can provide you with the best bedding pellets with numerous benefits.
1. More tidy and comfortable for animal living.
2. The pellets are more absorbent than the raw wood shavings.
3. Multi vacuuming: avoiding the dust of wood shavings flying everywhere.
4. Convenient cleaning: what you need is just cleaning the animal manure on the bedding surface and the left can continuously be used.

horse beddingAnimal Bedding Instructions

First you need to clean the stall completely and spread the ABM evenly , then spay some water to dampen them, making them turn into damp sawdust. Control the suitable quantity of moisture is the most important thing.

Then, after 7 – 15 days, depending on situation, when the wet areas appear to stick together, remove saturated areas and add some new ABM to refresh the stall.

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