Screw Conveyor Introduction

The conveyor is designed for horizontal or inclined conveying (dip angle<20°) of dry bulk materials such as powder and pellet. Its conveying length can be as long as 40 meters. And its construction consists of inlet and outlet sections, trough sections with screw flight and the drive assembly. It is widely used in animal feed plants, edible oil processing factories, and starch factories.

Features and Advantages

1. Simple construction and small cross-section.
2. Conveying length can be as long as 40 meters.
3. Good sealing performance, reliable operation, and low cost.
4. Convenient material feeding and discharging, two-direction conveying at the same time.
5. Material mixing, blending, heating, and cooling can be carried out in the conveying process.

Screw Conveyor Parameters

Model Blade diameter Maximum conveying distance Rotary speed Capacity Power
TLSS25 200mm 160mm ≥88rpm 8-12t/h ≥1.1kw
TLSS20 250mm 200mm ≥88rpm 14-20t/h ≥1.5kw
TLSS32 320mm 260mm ≥88rpm 25-30t/h ≥2.2kw