The Electric Control System Introduction

The electric control system is widely used in food, feed, flour, chemical, and steel industries. With the combination control of centralized monitoring with case live control, it can intuitively reflect the operation conditions of the whole production line as well as the current & rotary speed of the main machines. The characteristics of easy operation, failure alarm, and malfunction location system help the workers solve problems in a short time. The reliable performance and high automation have provided favorable conditions for the advanced management of the modern industry.

The System Combinationelectric control

1. Standard GGD cabinet, power flow cabinet (MCC)
2. The imitation screen of the complete flow chart.
3. Highly optimized component parts.
4. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), intelligent instrument.
5. All the elevators are equipped with stall protection devices.
6. Material in high-level alarm functions.
7. Automatic pulverizing feeder device.
8. Intelligent ammeter for pelletizing machines.