SKLB Pendulum Counter-flow Cooler

Specially designed for cooling larger size extruded feed, puffing feed and feed pellets in pellet plants, the SKLB pendulum counter-flow cooler is an advanced cooling machine. This machine gets rid of the shortcomings of the side valve structure and succeeds in cooling large feed pellets. At present, with more and more puffing and extruded feed flooding into the feed market, the pendulum counter-flow cooler also covers its own place.

Cooler Structure

The pendulum counter-flow cooler is composed of a closed air feeder, air exhaust header, upper and lower feeders, hydraulic controlling system, pendulum flap discharging system and air sucking system, etc. The cooling time depends on the height of the upper and lower feeders.

Machine Working Principle

The feed pellets discharged from the puffing machine are of high temperature and moisture. They are fed by a closed air feeder at the top of the cooler. Then the rotating distribution structure disperses the feed evenly in the cooling cabinet. The air blower sucks hot air from the top feed part, while the cold air enters the cooler from the bottom in all directions and pierces into the feed vertically to take away the heat and moisture. After a while, the feed is discharged by the pendulum flap.

Cooling Machine Featurescounter flow cooler

1. The counter-flow working principle ensures complete and even cooling.
2. Unique rotating distribution structure makes the feed dispersed more averagely.
3. Hydraulic controlling system regulating smooth feed discharging and adjustable speed.
4. Widely used for cooling large extruded feed, pelleted feed as well as clumps, block, and powder feed.

Pendulum Counter-flow Cooler Technical Data

Capacity 5t/h 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 25t/h 30t/h
Volume 2.5m3 4m3 6m3 8m3 10m3 12m3
Power 1.5+0.55kw 1.5+0.55kw 1.5+0.55kw 1.5+0.55+1.1kw 1.5+1.1+0.75kw 1.5+1.1+0.75kw