We have over 10 years of experience in the pellet machine industry. Our pellet machines can process a wide range of raw materials and become ideal equipment for making biomass fuel pellets, livestock feed pellets and aquatic feed pellets. We provide personal service from design to completion with an efficient team dedicated to meeting your needs. Our focus and mission are to create a more renewable energy future by manufacturing the top quality machines & spare parts under the most sustainable criteria.


Customize & Design

Our technicians are qualified to customize single pelletizing machines and professional turnkey solutions for complete pellet plants. Every machine is made to fully display its advantages. According to your basic and special requirements, together we design a plan that costs the least and makes the most profit for you.


Mechanical Drawings

At the end of the design stage, we provide dimensionally mechanical drawings, along with a complete equipment booklet with detailed models & specifications. This unique service provides you with a comprehensive plan and complete specifications on the design and equipment that we have worked on together.

Assembling & Installation

We have an expert team of technicians who are responsible for the delivery, assembling and installation. They can provide you with professional and patient guidance to operate the machine in a safe way. This personal service from design to installation is one of the points that make us outstanding.

Timely Delivery

We are well supported by a strong capacity to produce quality machines in a short time and a wide distribution network to ensure on-time delivery of equipment. Our ability to feed bulk orders within tight deadlines to any corner of the globe differentiates us from other competitors.


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