Wood Pellet Machine

A complete rang of wood pelleting machines from crushing to packaging. Customized solution for different scale wood pellet production line.

wood crusher 00 (1)

Model Power Capacity Raw wood moisture Feed size Dimension
WWC11 11kw 0.4~0.7t/h 30~50% 50~150mm 1300*900*1000mm
WWC15 15kw 0.6~1t/h 30~50% 50~200mm 1300*900*1000mm
WWC22 22kw 1~1.5t/h 30~50% 50~250mm 1400*1540*1500mm
WWC30 30kw 1.5~2t/h 30~50% 50~250 mm 1500*1540*1500mm
sawdust pipe dryer

1. The machine must be grounded well.
2. Drying materials are of regular size, neither too large nor too small.
3. Check the vane of the blower to ensure smooth feeding.

Pipe dryer and rotary drum dryer are both customized according to customers’ requirements.


1. Be capable of consolidating, roasting and drying.
2. Adopts converter motor for a wide speed ranges, efficient time control, good drying performance.
3. Inlet steam pipe is sealed by the advanced swivel joint avoiding steam and water leakage.

4. Applicable to shrimp feed that has a high standard for roasting and water proofing.
5. Continuous rotation of biomass material ensures high quality final product.

Model Power Capacity Moisture content reduced
RD-75 7.5KW 1-3T/H 5-10%

diesel-engine-KL120-Pellet-mill-machine-shipping How to Check Wood Pellet Quality
Model Capacity Power Diameter of molds
ALCF-120DW 30-50kg/h 8HP 120mm
ALCF-150DW 80-100 kg/h 8HP 150mm
ALCF-200DW 100-150 kg/h 15HP 200mm
ALCF-230DW 150-180 kg/h 22HP 230mm
ALCF-260DW 180-230 kg/h 30HP 260mm
ALCF-300DW 250-300 kg/h 55HP 300mm
ALCF-360DW 300-400kg/h 55HP 360mm
ALCF-400DW 400-450kg/h 55HP 400mm
wood pellet machine structure

Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
ALCF-200EW 80-120kg/h 7.5kw 950x450x800mm 360kg
ALCF-300EW 200-300kg/h 15kw 1300×600×1300mm 450kg
ALCF-350EW 300-450kg/h 22kw 1500×650×1350mm 520kg
ALCF-400EW 400-600kg/h 30kw 1400x800x1400mm 1400kg
ALCF-450EW 500-700kg/h 37kw 1400x800x1400mm 1600kg
ALCF-500EW 800-1000kg/h 55kw 1800x1200x1650mm 2300kg
ALCF-550EW 900-1200kg/h 75kw 2100x1200x2150mm 2800kg
ALCF-800EW 1800-2000kg/h 132/160kw 2900x1900x2400mm 4500kg
ring die wood pellet mill 00

Ring die wood pellet machines tend to be regularly used for pellets making medium to large-scale. The benefits of ring die system for eliminating roller skip are reduced power consumption, extended consumable parts life and improved pellet quality.

Model Power Capacity Dimension
MZLH320 37kw 0.3~0.5t/h 2100*800*1300mm
MZLH350 55kw 0.4~0.6t/h 2200*900*1500mm
MZLH400 75kw 0.8~1t/h 2300*1000*2100mm
MZLH420 90kw 1~1.2t/h 3200*1100*1700mm
MZLH508 132kw 1.5~2.2t/h 3200*1300*1900mm


Mobile wood pellet plant has small capacity of 500kg/h, we customize wood pellet solutions for both industrial and small farm use.

Wood Hammer Mill, Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine, Sawdust Pipe Dryer, Fuel Pellets Cooler, Airlock, Raw Material Silo, Conveyor and Electric Control Cabinet
(Note: If necessary, we can equip the pellets packing machine for you.)

Feed Pellet Machine

With more than 10 years’ experience in pellet mill making industry, our machine can process a wide range of raw materials, it is the ideal equipment for making livestock feed pellets and aquatic feed pellets.

Ancillary Equipment

Get More Details of Pellet Machine

Equipment model, hourly production, casting materials used, factory price, etc.


horse bedding

Straw Pellets for Horse Bedding

Straw pellets are the optimal choice to better manage your stable yard as horse bedding. We can offer high quality pellets mill for you.


Straw Pellets- New Fuel In Power Station

Instead of coal and fossil oil,biomass pellets,straw pellets are widely used in heat power station or thermal power plant.Allance is a professional manufacturer and trader of high quality pellet machines.


How Charcoal Briquette Is Made

Charcoal briquette is a widely used clean fuel instead of coal and oil.Allance will be willing to offer you professional advice on making charcoal briquette.



Thailand 2TPH Plant Installation

Biomass pellet plant has been successfully installed in Thainland and has been worked well.Allance,China top wood pellet mill and plant supplier,will offer you professional and trustable service.


FAQ about Pellet Machine

Pellet machine operation is not that simple,especially when you meet some troubles during processing pellets, Allance would like to provide you the most professional guidance and help.

pellets and briquettes

Influences Pellet Quality

Taking the moisture content,steam quality,modulation time and conditioner type into consideration when conditioning will help you get high quality feed pellets

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