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  • Water Drop Hammer Mill

    Water Drop Hammer Mill

    The water drop hammer mill is used for grinding grains into powder which is featured by energy conservation,slight vibration,high output.

  • Rotary Sieve

    Rotary Sieve

    The rotary sieve fits perfectly for the pellet production line to grade and screen the secondary crushed pellets.It features detachable sieving frame and good screening performance.

  • Pendulum Counter-flow Cooler

    Pendulum Counter-flow Cooler

    Pendulum counter-flow cooler is specially designed for cooling puffing and extruded feed averagely and efficiently.

  • Slide Valve Cooler Machine

    Slide Valve Cooler Machine

    Counter flow cooling machine can either composes of pellet plant or works independently with high cooling rate and low energy consumption.

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    Various auxiliary equipment and spare parts including screw conditioner,ring die,flat die,rollers,pellet cutting knives,etc in stock.

  • The Electric Control System

    The Electric Control System

    Electric control system is a intelligent control system for the complete processing lines for various industries. Labour-saving and high efficiency.

  • SYTV Series Automatic Liquid Adding Machine

    SYTV Series Automatic Liquid Adding Machine

    Automatic liquid adding machine is a good helper in processing animal feedstuff.The advanced design,stable structure and easy operation all make it attractive in animal feed processing plant.

  • SSHJ Series Double-shaft Mixer

    SSHJ Series Double-shaft Mixer

    Double shaft mixer is popular by the large processing capacity and stable operation. Wide range of liquid addition and low residue ensure high quality feed.

  • Belt Conveyor

    Belt Conveyor

    The belt conveyor is the newest and totally enclosed conveyor model featuring beautiful appearance, efficient dust containment, low noise and high liability.