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Double-roll Crusher
Double-roll Crusher
Pellet Size:
Power: 4kw/5.5kw/7.5/11kw
Capacity: 2-12t/h
Gurantee: 2 years
Application: Break large-sized pellets into small ones as required

Double-roll Crusher Introduction
The double roller crusher is designed to break large-sized pellets into small ones as required by the customer. The length of the crushed pellet by the general toothed roller usually ranges between 0.6-1.5mm, by the fine toothed roller ranges between 1-2.5mm.The crushed rollers of the crusher adopt differential speed and the pellets placed in between the rollers are crushed and cut into the expected size. The specially designed hopper helps spread the material consistently and the bypass equipment is designed for the pellet that needn’t be crushed to go through. When pellets go through the bypass, the power of the machine is off automatically through position switch.
Double-roll Crusher Features
1. Features compact structure,uniform crushing performance, convenient and fast crushing sizes adjustment.
2. Crushed pellet has a length range of 0.6-1.5mm, or a length range of 1-2.5mm.
3. Specially designed hopper ensures consistent material feeding.
4. Be equipped with bypass for pellets that needn’t to be crushed.
5. Automatic power off when the pellets go through the bypass
6. Adopts v-belt drive allowing stable transformation, low noise, safe and simple operation
7. 20x170 model adopts specially designed roller distance adjusting structure for simple and stable adjustment.
Double-roll Crusher Parameters

Model Power Capacity Slow roller Fast roller Roller size(dia*len)
Y112M-4 4kw 2-4t/h 475rpm 725rpm 150×800mm
Y132S-4 5.5kw 3-6t/h 475rpm 725rpm 150×1000mm
Y132M-4 7.5/11kw 5-10t/h 475rpm 725rpm 150×1500mm
Y160M-4 11kw 8-12t/h 475rpm 725rpm 200×1700mm


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