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Bucket Elevator
Bucket Elevator
Pellet Size:

Bucket Elevator Introduction
The bucket elevator is suitable for vertical transport of products such as powder, granular and small lump materials. This bucket elevator is distinguished by high durability, safe working and low power consumption. Its head pulley is covered with rubber for increasing friction coefficient and improving transmission efficiency. The bucket elevator is equipped with non-return device for avoiding machine being blocked due to power failure. Direct drive and chain drive are available for your choice. It is widely used in animal feed plant, edible oil and food processing factory, mechanical and construction material industry, grain depot, and ports.
Bucket Elevator Features
1. Compact construction design requires small footprint.
2. Elevator head: Head pulley covered with rubber for increasing friction coefficient and improving transmission efficiency.
3. Bucket: Adopts flange occlusion technique for high strength and good sealing performance.
4. Installed with balance pipe for balancing the pressure between two buckets
5. Elevator tail: features new type shaft end sealing construction which avoids leakage of dust; adopts split bearing seat construction for guaranteeing the reliability of the equipment
6. Speed detection equipment and deviation alarm device is optional as required by customers.
Bucket Elevator Parameters

Model Head pulley diameter(mm) Bucket spacing(mm) Maximum hoisting height(mm) Capacity(ton/h)
TDTG26/13 260 150-250 30 12-18
TDTG26/18 260 150-250 30 15-20
TDTG26/23 260 150-250 30 20-30
TDTG36/13 360 150-300 40 18-20
TDTG36/18 360 150-300 40 23-28
TDTG36/23 360 150-300 40 28-32
TDTG36/28 360 150-300 40 35-38
TDTG48/18 480 250-400 50 25-30
TDTG48/23 480 250-400 50 30-35
TDTG48/28 480 250-400 50 40-45
TDTG60/30 600 250-400 50 60-70
TDTG60/33 600 250-400 50 80-100


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