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Simple Methods to Judge Wood Pellets Quality

Simple Methods to Judge Wood Pellets Quality
Fossil fuel is now out of date for home heating as a result of the limited resource and high carbon emissions, while biomass fuel is widely used to warm houses or for commercial heating systems because it is cost-effective and friendly to environment. Wood pellets, produced by wood pellet machine, are one of the most common and economical biomass fuels. Wood pellets are generally made from compacted sawdust or other agricultural and industrial wastes. They are more efficient and clean when burning. Due to the different type of pellet machine, material or other reasons, the quality of wood pellets are also different. The following are some easy methods which can be done without any laboratory equipment to judge the quality of wood pellets.
First, sniff the smell of produced wood pellets. They should have the smell of freshly cut softwood rather than smell of something else. Otherwise, you can take one long pellet and light it at the tip. The smoke should smell like burning wood. If it smells like something else, it is not of good quality.
Second, look at the color of the wood pellets. The color of the wood pellets should be light brown if they are made of clean coniferous sawdust. Some wood pellets might look dark in the surface, which is due to friction in the pressing dies. This is not a problem as long as the wood pellets are of light color inside. If the color of wood pellets is dark brown, it means the material is mixed with bark which will increase the amount of ash after burning.
Third, you can take little wood pellets and put them in a glass with water. The wood pellets should dissolve into sawdust within minutes. If not, it means that too much adhesive may be added in the pelleting process by the pellet mill.

Nowadays,wood pellet machine industry is developing rapidly. The production of wood pellets is also various. The above simple methods and common sense can help judge the quality of wood pellets easily. We need high quality wood pellets to bring about greater profits.