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Burgeoning Wood Pellet Mill

Burgeoning Wood Pellet Mill
Firstly, I would like to thank for your interest in wood pellet mill. Although it is convenient to forage a lot of information about pellet mills among the Internet, I want to tell you something important here for your further learning.
Why Wood Pellet Fuel?

Very recently, woody wastes such as straw, halm, leaf, corn bran and saw dust have been laudable to be processed into pellets as biomass fuel both in the developed and emerging markets. Comparing to fossil oil and coal, biofuel is a mighty evidence on solving environmental problems effectively. It is amazing that discharge of carbon dioxide is zero at the time when you are burning biofuel. Yet, why do I say that? Albeit carbon dioxide has discharged, woody materials have absorbed the same amount ones when they were in vigorous period. That is to say, the total carbon dioxide has not any change for earth when you use wood pellets as fuel.
However, it is a complete counter situation for using traditional fuels such as fossil oil, natural gas and coal, and etc.Comparing to a single day they were unearthed out to burn off, the traditional fuels have been stored for hundreds of millions of years. However, they can't absorb carbon dioxide.


Therefore, it is sure that they will give rise to greenhouse effect.Today oil price is increasing and environmental problems are critical, so it is a miracle measure to transfer waste wood to our clean fuel. As two advanced wood pellet machines, both flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill have been our savior.
Apart from the positive factor of protecting our environment, convenient to be transported is another reason why wood pellets lie in domain position of fuel market. As molded fuels, wood pellets are innovative examples devoting themselves to promote efficiency and reduce cost.
Where the wood pellets can be used?
1. Firstly, they are suitable for all kinds of stoves and boilers no matter used in village, town, department, school, hospital and family and etc.
2. Secondly, they are considered as superior fuel for ceramics works, tiles & bricks factories, chemical industries and power station.
3. Furthermore, regard to function, they are ideal fuels for cooking, heating, bathing and so on.
4. The last but not least, the ash left over after combustion, which is superior fertilizer, is abundant in Ca, Mg, P, K, Na and other needful elements.
Brief Summary
In conclusion, effects of wood pellets in our daily life can't be ignored. The issue of R&D on wood pellets is still underway in more and more fields. Combined with energy re-use technology, wood pellet mill will have a huge market. And if you have any question about pellet mills, please do not hesitate to contact us.