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Georgia Wood Pellets Export to Europe

Georgia Wood Pellets Export to Europe
After a 100-mile rail trip from its Waycross, Ga. plant to the port of Savannah, the pellets are received as cargo bound for Europe where they are co-fired in coal-burning plants. If not for the largesse of European utilities required to meet government carbon emissions standards for their coal-burning plants, however, the U.S. pellet export industry would arguably not exist. Even so, pellet exports from the U.S. to Europe currently average over 2 million metric tons per year, which converts to about 450 MWs of electrical capacity solely from combusted pellets. But that's still a tiny fraction of Europe's energy needs — thus, there's room for growth as a number of coal-fired power plants switch from coal to pellets. By 2020, Europe may annually import as much as 40 million metric tons of pellets from all sources, up from today's 3.5 million metric tons of total pellet imports.

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World's largest wood-pellet factory built in GA
On May 12, 2011, the world's largest pellet plant held its inaugural ceremony to officially begin production of the approximately 750,000 tons of pellets per year. The pellets will be used in pure biomass power plants as well as for the co-firing of coal and biomass.The plant, located in Waycross, Georgia has created over 80 jobs locally, over 100 indirect jobs, and is a major source for renewable power generation in Europe.Forests in Georgia provide enough wood to sustainably produce the pellets, Around 1.5 million metric tons of fresh wood are needed each year to produce 750,000 tonnes of pellets. Unlike Europe, the US have a huge growth surplus of wood that is not used. This is particularly true in the Georgia region, from which numerous paper and pulp companies have withdrawn over the past decade, thus further reducing the demand for wood. Because of that biomass companies in Georgia positively strive for more European market share.
Georgia ship torrefied pellets samples to Europe
Georgia-based torrefied pellet developer, Vega Biofuels, has announced plans to ship samples to European power companies for testing by the end of January. The company first announced its plans to ship torrefied pellets to Europe in March. In May, the company leased a 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cordele, Ga., to produce the pellets from wood waste. The company has signed a contract with a local timber company for the wood waste feedstock, and a European utilities broker for the eventual sale of the torrefied wood products. The production facility is located next to the Cordele Inland Port.