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Environmental Benefits of Wood Pellets

Environmental Benefits of Wood Pellets
Wood pellets are a renewable, clean-burning biomass fuel made from recycled wood waste or sawdust. They can be burned in specially designed wood pellet stoves. Wood pellets provide an economical and sustainable energy source that continues to grow internationally. One of the most well known benefits of wood pellets is that they are much more eco-friendly compared to other fuels. The followings are the environmental benefits of wood pellets.
Reduced carbon emissions
Wood pellets have very small carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels and electric heating. Wood itself is carbon neutral — absorbing as much carbon when it is growing as is released when it is burnt. Wood pellets are made from compressed waste wood, with less than 6% moisture; they burn cleaner, longer and produce more heat.
Most wood pellets are manufactured with waste products from the lumber or other wood industries. They are renewable sources, and their renewable quality means that this cycle can continue and hopefully reduce the impact on the environment caused by current energy production. There are less carbon emissions to the atmosphere, which allows young trees to grow more rapidly. Wood pellets can do the most good for the long-term sustainability of our energy supplies.
Lower pollution
Burning wood pellets in a high efficiency stove is much cleaner. Wood pellets produced by wood pellet mill generate up to 90% less CO2 when compared to heating oil, helping to reduce the impact our energy production has on the environment. Also it reduces the amount of wood waste sent to landfill and is not an environmental risk if spilled.
Natural feature
Wood pellets are natural for they contain no binders, chemicals, or additives. Most wood pellets are manufactured from clean sawdust and wood chips. Wood naturally contains a substance called lignin that binds wood pellets in their tightly compacted, uniform shape. 
Wood pellets are widely used around the world for their benefits. Producing wood pellets has created a growing industry that has the potential to create many good jobs, especially in rural areas, and to positively boost regional economics. Both individual family and wood pellet plants can produce wood pellets by using wood pellet mill. As the professional supplier of pellet machines, Allance Machinery can provide various advanced wood pellet mill and after-sales service.