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How to Test the Ash Content in Wood Pellets

How to Test the Ash Content in Wood Pellets
If you want to create and manage your very own pellet mills, a good guidance can go a long way in making sure that you will do things properly. One of the most important things to take into consideration is the pellet mill ash. The ash will increase the amount of equipment maintenance and the potential for harmful emissions. The amount of ash says a lot about the efficiency. The ash content of good quality pellets is below one percent. You can perform your own tests follow the tips.
1. Testing the Odor
Test the odor of wood pellets by dropping a handful of pellets in a container and smelling them. If you smell the odor of fresh cut wood, it indicates the wood pellets will not emit a large amount of ash.

wood pellets

2. Checking the Color
The color of wood pellet is the symbol of quality. The light brown indicates that wood pellets do not emit large amounts of ash. However, dark brown signs that the wood pellets are derived from ash-producing barks. Besides, check the color inside by breaking pellets in half. If the outer color is dark brown, while the inner color is light brown, the wood pellets are made of sawdust and thus low in ash content.
3. Burning the Pellets
Burn the tip of a wood pellet. If the pellet smells different from burning wood, this may be a sign that the contents include foreign substances other than sawdust, which are likely to emit excessive ash.
4. Dissolving in Water
Place a tablespoon of wood pellets into a glass of water. High quality wood pellets break down into sawdust within a few minutes. Stir the dissolved pellets and wait for the contents to settle, the sawdust will float. If numerous particles settle quickly to the bottom of the glass, the pellets contain additional additives that affect efficiency and ash.
5. Checking the Bottom of Pellet Bag
Another tip is useful to test the ash content. The trick is to look the bottom part of the wood pellet bag. If you notice a large amount of dust, then it is likely that the pellets will produce high amount of ash.
I hope you can benefit from the tips mentioned above. If you want to know more, please contact us, Allance always offers you the latest news.