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Sunflower Husk for Biomass Pellet

Sunflower Husk for Biomass Pellet
Sunflower husks are the by-products of sunflower seeds before they are used for oil extraction or as bakery ingredients. For sunflower seed oil manufacturers or sunflower seed processors, how to deal with the useless husk is an annoying problem. However, due to its low ash content and high calorific value, sunflower husk actually is a kind of biomass fuel which can be used as biomass resource.
But when sunflower husk is burning directly, it can not be burned efficiently and it will cause air pollution to the environment. Now you don’t have to worry about it any longer. There comes the wood pellet mill. Wood pellet mill can transfer the sunflower husk into high quality sunflower husk pellets, which can not only take the place of high priced coal or fossil fuel, but also offer profit to the investors.

sunflower husk

As the raw material of wood pellet mill, sunflower husk has superiorities over other raw materials, because sunflower husk does not need to be crushed before pelletizing. The average length of sunflower husk is about 8.40 mm, which is available for pelletizing.
It is rather explainable that sunflower husk pellets get more and more popular all over the world. Such pellets are cheaper than wood ones. When the pellet mill works, sunflower husks will be pressed under great force and high temperature to form columned granule. Pellets getting out of the machine are of slippery skin and good intensity, in addition to their compact package, sunflower husks can be stored and delivered through long distance without additional troubles and costs. That is to say, with low cost you can turn waste into wealth easily.

sunflower husk pellet

When the sunflower husk is processed into pellet, the energy has largely improved. After processing, it will have a calorific value of at least 17MJ/kg and a residual ash content of 2.6%. Sunflower husk pellets can burn longer and more efficient than sunflower husk. What’s more, sunflower husk pellets burn much cleaner. When sunflower husk becomes pellets, the density is higher, the ash content and moisture content are lower. All these factors indicate that the sunflower husk pellets are a kind of renewable, clean and eco-friendly fuel energy.
As a top leading of biomass pellet mill manufacturer in China, we provide high quality wood pellet mill. If you are interested in making full use of the waste sunflower husk to produce excellent wood pellets, our wood pellet mill is your best choice.