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How to Reduce Pellet Mill Power Consumption

How to Reduce Pellet Mill Power Consumption
As we all know, making pellets at a large scale requires a lot of power. When it comes to pellet mill energy usage, the biggest contributing factor is the phase when the diesel engine is running and being used. In fact, the power consumption during the process raises the cost of pellets production to the pellet mill owner. Unfortunately, there is no absolute alternative way to completely eliminate the power consumption. However, a certain degree of reduction can be achieved.
There are several ways to reduce pellet mill power consumption, including maintenance of the pellet mill, addition of additives and usage of ring die as part of the pellet mill.

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1. Conducting a Regular Maintenance
Regular maintenance of a pellet mill is a good way to reduce the pellet mill power consumption. If not, the pellet mill will consume more power to produce the same amount of pellets. Frequent use of pellet machine causes tear and wear of spare parts in pellet machine. As a result, the pellet machine can not work efficiently and more power consumption is caused. Therefore, a regular maintenance is necessary to avoid excessive power consumption. Properly conducting the maintenance can also make sure that all parts are kept in check. If there is one slight problem in one of the parts, it will affect the overall production of the machine and you will be left with higher production cost. Hence, good maintenance is the key to reduce the power consumption of the pellet mill. Remember to always regularly check the functions of the mill.
2. Adding Additives
Another way to reduce the power consumption in the pelletizing procedure is to use additives apart from pellet mill lignin in processing the pellets. Processing pellets cannot be effective if the correct additives haven’t been used. This means that it is necessary to use the right additives which act as catalysts thus making the processing procedure entirely easy and hence conserving power. Specifically, additives added to raw materials will be further processed to make pellets by the pellet machine. What are the benefits of using additives? The additives increase the production efficiency of pellet mill and reduce the level of power consumption. Furthermore, pellets produced are firm and with high quality.
The additives that contribute to reduce pellet mill power consumption are inexpensive, which includes molasses, starch, syrup, distilled grains, etc.
3. Choosing the Ring Die
As is known, there are two types of dies in pellet mills, namely, the ring die and the flat die. However, when it comes to the reduction the pellet mill power consumption, the ring die pellet machine is more energy efficient than flat die pellet machine due to its unique design. If you are dedicated to reducing power consumption, you can choose a ring die pellet machine instead.
I hope the explanation above will help you get a better understanding of pellet mill energy usage and what you can do to reduce the power consumption.