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How to Lengthen Pellet Die Working Life

How to Lengthen Pellet Die Working Life
The raw material is fed into the compression chamber, where pellet rolls press/roll the raw material through the small holes of the pellet die. Inside the pellet mill the most important part for producing the formed pellets is the pellet die,either a ring die or a flat die. The optimum die combines high resistance to abrasion, breakage and corrosion with maximum productivity. Dies usually are classified as alloy, stainless or high chrome.
there are many variables that can play a part in the effective life of a pellet die. Some of these variables are explained below:

die for pellet

Feedstocks properties: different materials that processed into pellets can affect the life of the die. Fibre and silica / sand content in the feed ingredients would wear down the pellet die more rapidly. However, Fat in the feed helps to act as a lubricant. Feed formulae containing 1.5-2% fat would run smoother and are less abrasive.
Particle size of the mash: Better ground mash with smaller particle size is less abrasive for the pellet die.
Press control: The operator should regularly check the state of wear on the deflectors and scrapers and also the roll adjustment : to avoid uneven wear on the die and consequently inefficient pelleting.
Dies are the key components for forming pellets, therefore their correctly usage and maintenance can not only ensure the good quality of biomass pellets, but also save certain amounts of money for buying the new machinery parts. In order to lengthen the working life of roller and dies, there are several aspects we can pay attention to.
First, the friction between the roller and die will also shorten the service life,make sure that the rollers are correctly adjusted: the minimum distance from the die must be 0.2-0.3 mm. The wrong setting of the rollers can cause the contact between the rollers and the die. Second,a new die requires a running-in period. Start new dies in a progressive way, at least for the first 20-40 minutes, so as to warm them up slowly. When production is finished, stop the die after running on oats or maize. Third, corrosive material will shorten the working life of rollers and die. After finishing each production, operation staff should clean the die and roller in time, otherwise the remaining material will degrade the working efficiency. Lastly, take safety precautions : If ferrous impurities were to enter the pellet mill, the pellet dies life would be reduces dramitically. It is very important that there are sufficient measures in place to ensure there are no impurities and foreign particles contained in the feed mix.
Apart from these factors, it is very necessary to check the working condition of the pellet mill frequently. If there is something wrong, for example, strange noise, then the machine should stop working at once to figure out the problem.