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How to Improve the Output of Pellet Mill

How to Improve the Output of Pellet Mill
A pellet mill, also known as a pellet press, is a type of machine or press used to create pellets from powdered material. We can use it to press wood pellets or feed pellets. The output and mechanical performance is closely linked to our benefit. Then how can we improve the output of pellet mill?
Firstly, choose the suitable model. There are many types of pellet mills. Their models, parameters and applications are different, so we should first determine what pellets we will process when we buy the pellet mills. Then choose the suitable pellet mill we exactly need. For example, the flat die pellet mill is economical, easy to operate, convenient and occupies small space, therefore it is largely applied to small and medium-sized farms.

Secondly, prepare totally and arrange reasonable working time. Before processing, we should make grinding-in with the die reasonably and patiently by using the mixture of wheat bran, sliver sand and machine oil, for at least half an hour. In order to improve the output, some people extend the working hours, leading to overload of the pellet mill. The pellet machine can't get overhaul, oiling or cooling timely, then high output of the pellet mill can not be guaranteed.

Thirdly, choose original parts or dies meeting quality standards and maintain dies in time. A die is the heart of a pellet mill and its quality is important to the pellet mill. The space between pressure roller and die should be suitable and can not be too large or too small. Too large, the output is low and the pellet density is bad; too small, the machine wears out badly, shortening the working life of die. During the pelletizing processing, adding some oil in the raw materials can increase the output and reduce the attrition. After processing, maintenance of the die can help reduce the energy consumption and improve the output.
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