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Straw Pellets for Horse Bedding

Using Straw Pellets for Horse Bedding
Straw has been used as horse bedding for centuries. Only recently, Soft pellets from straw are perfect to use in the stall. It has been well known for some time that straw pellets are the best bedding for horses. Straw pellet under layer is an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to existing common known bedding and litter products. *Straw pellets are 100% ecological, without any unpleasant smell or other impurities.
*In contrast to wood pellets, it is naturally softer to break down easily, so less storage is required for soiled bedding.
*Straw pellets are thermally processed up to 100-150°C in order to guarantee animals’ health.
*Less is needed for equivalent absorbancy, itsaves your money, working time and storing place.
*After absorption of the fluid pellets start to decompose. So it can be used as high quality fertilizer for plants or compost.

★Horse bedding
In looking at which type of horse bedding to use, there is now a pellet type of horse bedding that offers a real alternative to using straw. It will minimise the customer’s costs and time taken over a more traditional loose straw and wood shavings bed. After trying several different types of straw we have found that a Wheat and Oil Seed Rape straw blend has produced pellets that not only absorbs really well but also stops the horses eating their beds whilst having minimum amounts of manure.
★How to use a pellet-based horse bedding
The amount of pellet-based bedding required obviously depends upon the size of your stable, but if we take an average stable size of 4m by 4m then you could safely presume that 12 x 15kg bags will provide a nice amount for a comfortable bedding layer of around two and a half inches in thickness. The pellets will break down as the horse moves on the bedding and provide a nice soft layer.
A straw-based, horse bedding pellet does not need watering like the wood variety - so with a straw pellet bedding simply lay the pellets on the stable flooring straight from the bag. During your daily check, you can just remove soiled areas with a fork, lifting off the soiled areas only. There isn't a need to move the whole of the bedding area to remove just the affected areas like you may do with a straw bedding. Simply add some more pellets to the area you have just mucked out straight from the bag and you have done your daily horse bedding maintenance.Weekly maintenance is reduced with the horse bedding pellet product, as less bedding is removed throughout the week. Once a week you may be required to add another 2-3 bags to top up the bedding in the stable.
You will soon get an idea of the amount of pellets demand, your horse preference, and can adjust accordingly. In discussion with horse owners, the specially developed pellets have proved ideal for horse bedding use.