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Homemade Wood Pellet Mill

Homemade Wood Pellet Mill
Wood pellet industry is rapidly developing on both small and large scale. The two main uses of wood pellet are for home heating and power stations. This has made the wood pellet press or wood pellet mill become very popular all over the world. Referring to home heating, homemade wood pellet mill is common in some countries.

Homemade wood pellet mill also named small wood pellet mill. It covers small space and is easy to operate. Homemade wood pellet mill has helped many people who use the pellet stove to save energy. Some people think that making wood pellets is very difficult, but the truth is not that. There is an old saying, practice makes perfect. If you practice making pellets with wood pellet mill on daily basis, you will perfect your skills. The followings are the simple steps for making wood pellets.

Step one: prepare raw materials and dry them. We take wood for example. If the wood is too large, you'd better make them into small chips. Use a hammer mill to crush the chips into sawdust. Then dry them to meet the moisture requirement according to the receipt.
Step two: pelletizing. Having done all the preparation, you can manufacture wood pellets by the small wood pellet mill.  

Step three: cool and screen the wood pellets. The pellets are hot first, then cool them. Next screen to get the pellets suitable for your use.
Step four: pack the wood pellets. After packing them, the wood pellets are convenient to carry and store.
Homemade wood pellet mill has a bright future. It is small and light, so it can be moved easily. Also the production process is much simpler. Above all, homemade wood pellet mill costs less, thus common family can afford it. Why not buy one? As the professional supplier of feed pellet mills, Allance Machinery always offers you the latest news, the first-class equipments and after-sales service.