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Floating Fish Feed

Floating Fish Feed
With aquaculture industry developing towards the direction of scale, intensification and specialization, the requirement for aquatic feed becomes higher. Traditional powder compound feed and pellet mixed feed exist drawbacks including bad stability in water, high sedimentation rate, feed's scatter and waste, and water pollution etc. They are far from being suited to the needs of modern aquaculture. The floating fish feed produced by floating fish feed pellet mill can overcome the drawbacks, which is the ideal feed, and has better market potential and prospect.
Puffed floating fish feed has the following features.
Easy for feeding management:
Puffed floating fish feed can float on the water surface, so it's no need to establish special platform for throwing feeds, just throwing feed at fixed time is OK. When fish take in feed with their heads above water, people can watch the feeding situation and adjust the feed amount timely. Also people can know the growth and health condition of the fish. So using puffed floating feed is contributed to managing feeding scientifically.
Avoid feed waste:
Puffed floating fish feed in water has good stability, and they won't dissolve within two hours. Though fish can't eat all the feed, people can remove and dry them, which can avoid feed waste at high limit. Adopting the puffed floating fish feed can save 8% to 12% than the powdery and common pellet feed.

Reduce water pollution:
Puffed floating fish feeds in water won't dissolve or sink within two hours, which can avoid the residual feeds ferment in water, lower the organics' oxygen consumption, and then lessen water waste effectively.

Floating feed has high-usage:
Through high-temperature processing, starch pasting, fat steady, the use ration of nutrition constituent gets improved. In puffing process, harmful substance and inhibiting growth factor is damaged, thus improving the raw materials' palatability and digestibility. So the use ratio of puffed floating fish feed is higher than powder and pellet feed.
Long retention period:
After drying process, puffed floating fish feed pellets are harder and with lower moisture. In puffing process, most microbes and germs are killed. So the feed pellets can store for a longer time, and are easy to store or transport.
Floating fish feed is popular with more and more people because of its advantages. The floating fish feed pellet mill is the professional machine to manufacture floating fish feed. Why not buy one? As the professional supplier of pellet mills, Allance Machinery always offers you the latest news, the first-class equipments and after-sales service.