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Fish Feed Pellets Potential in Armenia

Fish Feed Pellets Potential in Armenia
Modern fish feeds are made by grinding and mixing together ingredients such as fishmeal, vegetable proteins and binding agents such as wheat. Water is added and the resulting paste is extruded through holes in a metal plate. The diameter of the holes sets the diameter of the pellets, which can range from various different size. As the feed is extruded it is cut to form pellets of the required length. The pellets are dried and oils are added. Adjusting parameters such as temperature and pressure enables the manufacturers to make pellets that suit different fish farming methods, for example feeds that float or sink slowly and feeds suited to recirculation systems. The dry feed pellets are stable for relatively long periods, for convenient storage and distribution.

fish feed pelletsFloating or Sinking Fish Pellets
There are different opinions among fish enthusiasts as to whether floating or sinking pellets is the better type of fish foods given to your pet. In fact, your choice of whether to use floating or sinking pellets mainly depends on which type of fish species that you have. If you have bottom feeders like pleco and catfish, it would make perfect sense to give them sinking pellets while top and middle dwelling fish, it would be best if you provide them with floating pellets but those sinking pellets can also be considered as well. Under different circumstances depending on which type of fish species. However, It's worth mentioning that don't use sinking type for your middle and top dweller community fish. Foods that remain at the bottom of the tank will often get lost and missed out by your fish and thus gone wasted.

floating fish feed

Armenia starts fish feed production
Locally produced aqua feed will soon be available in Armenia. One of the country's largest feed plants in Yeghvars will have German equipment installed, with the total capacity of 5 tonnes per hour, and the possibility of increasing this figure in future. The feed plants owned by Manana Grain Company, the company has announced plans to commission the line in April 2013.This type of feed we will import feed ingredients from Vietnam, Chile and other countries, such as fish meal and fish oil and mix all the necessary components .These feed pellets will be designed primarily for Armenian aquaculture producers.