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Feed Pellet Mill: Limiting Factors On Productivity

Feed Pellet Mill: Limiting Factors On Productivity
Nowadays feed pellet mill have been more and more popular among livestock farmers and feed producers. Operating a modern feed pellet mill is closely bound to its efficiency. As a feed pellet mill owner, it is important to understand factors below so that you can increase productivity as well as reduce cost.
Here I sum up the main 3 factors as following:
1.Two Main Pellet Machine Types



When look for right pellet mills to produce pellets you need, you should know corresponding machines made for different purpose. 
Flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mil are the two major types in current pellet mill market.
With a simple design, flat die pellet mill is suitable for medium or small enterprises to produce livestock or aquatic feed, as well as home-using plants. Apart from small floor areas to free up and easy to operate, flat die pellet machine is convenient to install and maintain. Usually, it is used for pressing complete feed or pellet feed nearly without green-hay powder.


In term of ring die pellet mills, they are proper to compress green-hay powder, straw, corn, bean pulp, rice husk and so on. It is well known that ring die pellet mill has a high productivity. Different from a flat die pellet mill, most ring die pellet mills have two compression rollers. However, some pellet mills have three or four compression rollers. Thus, ring die pellet mill is high efficient comparing to flat die pellet mill.
Pellet Mill Die's Quality
Die is the most important spare part, which has a close relationship with pellet productivity and efficiency. There are some key points you should remember.
1. You should select dies meet quality standard and pay more attention on their makings, hardness and compression ratio.
2. Roller and die clearance, which is also called the distance between roller and die template, strongly influences how much energy the pellet mills use, what is the final quality of feed pellets, how much powder will be produced and the productivity. To adjust their distance will generate different effects. For example, too large distance means low productivity and pellet density. However, too small distance may lead to a serious abrasion.
3. A small tip is here. You had better avoid wear and tear by adding a few oil into raw materials.
Overload Working Time
To increase output, some feed pellet mill owners always overuse their feed pellet mills, so that the machines will not get a maintenance in time. As an old saying goes: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, pellet machine is the same with human being. Therefore, it is significant to arrange reasonable working time.
In conclusion, the foregoing factors may be summarized into a few words. If you stir your concern on the above factors, most problems can be avoided. Seemingly these problems look like insignificant, you will be well rewarded if deal with it properly.