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Feed Pellet Mill Introduction

Feed Pellet Mill Introduction
Feed pellet mill (also named granular-feed press, feed particles molding machine) belongs to feed pellet processing equipment. It is a type of machine or press used to create feed pellets from powdered material of corn, bean pulp, straw, grass and rice hull etc.
There are two common types of feed pellet mill: flat die feed pellet mill andring die feed pellet mill. The pellet mill can be generally grouped into poultry feed pellet mill, fish feed pellet mill, rabbit feed pellet mill and pig feed pellet mill by its use. According to the production, pellet mill can also be divided into straw feed pellet mill, wheat bran feed pellet mill, bean pulp feed pellet mill and corn feed pellet mill etc.
Feed pellet mill is widely used in large, medium and small size feed processing factories, livestock farms, poultry farms and individual farms etc.
The features of feed pellet mill are:
Simple structure, wide adaptability, small space, low noise;
It can pelletize by using powder feed or green-hay powder directly or adding little liquid. So the moisture content can be the same as the original granulation material. It’s more advantageous to the store;
The feed pellets for rabbits, ducks and fish can get more economic benefits than mixed powder feed;
It adopts dry materials processing, so the feed particles can have high hardness, smooth surface and internal cure. Thus the nutrition digestion and absorption get improved.  

The pancreatic enzyme in grain and beans can avoid factors' denaturalization in pelletizing process and reduce the bad effect on the digestion. It can kill many kinds of parasitic ovum and other pathogens, and remove bred worms and digestive system disease.
Feed pellets are widely used. Realizing the above features of feed pellet mill, you can know that choosing and buying a feed pellet mill to manufacture feed pellets is a wise choice. As the professional supplier of feed pellet mills, Allance Machinery always offers you the latest news, the first-class equipments and after-sales service.