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Feed Pellet Machine Debugging Process

Feed Pellet Machine Debugging Process 
Nowadays, feed pellet machine and feed pellets are widely used. Meanwhile more people start to make feed pellets by themselves. However, before operating, people need to debug feed pellet machine in order to make feed pellets production run smoothly. Below is feed pellet machine debugging process. We hope this can help more people in the application of feed pellet machine.  
First, you should understand and grasp the performance and operation process of feed pellet mill. 
Second, you should check the running conditions of some specific equipment of feed pellet mill before operation; meanwhile understand particle size of crushing machine which can match with the die hole of feed pellet mill. Make sure crushed materials for making feed pellets are of proper size. 
Third, you also need to clean the chamber first before using feed pellet mill in order to sweep away the sundries like sand and welding slag which is left incautiously during installation.
Forth, you'd better check whether the steam pipe system of feed pellet machine has good relief  function and hydrophobic function to ensure that dry, saturated and tempered steam is enough for pelleting. Meanwhile, make sure that there always has 0.058-0.4MPA steam behind the reducing valve.
Fifth, you should adjust the clearance between roller and ring die before running feed pellet mill and the best clearance is 0.1~0.4mm. Remember that the clearance between roller and ring die should not be undersize in case that roller and ring die would rub directly which would not only speeds up the wear of roller and ring die but also reduces unit production.  
Last, when running feed pellet mill, you should first feed small quantity of materials with some steam. Gradually, ideal feeding amount can be achieved 5-10 minutes later.
Having a full understanding of feed pellet machine debugging process can help you realize greater profits since you can operate feed pellet machine smoothly and produce high quality feed pellets.