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Binders Function in Feed Pellets Production

Binders Function in Feed Pellets Production
Pellet binders are products that are used to "bind", "glue" or hold the various feed components together in order that they will maintain pellet integrity during subsequent operations after they are extruded from the pellet die.Many products have been tested and a limited number have become widely used as binders in pelleted animal feeds. Current commercial animal feed binders can generally be classified under one of the following categories:
Lignin based binders/lignosulfonates
Hemi-cellulose binders
Mineral binders (clays)
Specialty binders (gums, starches, formulated products, etc.)

feed pelletsA number of the current binders in use are based on by-products from making wood and paper products. Some of the binders are mined minerals such as bentonite clays. In addition, there are numerous specialty binders that are based on certain types of products that are manufactured and/or selected or formulated for use as binders.
Advantages of the Pellet Binder
1.Improves the traction of flour and increases significantly the output of the pellet press whilst reducing power consumption and risks of blockage.
2. Avoids waste in rearing costs by increasing the durability of pellets. The Pellet Binder protects the pellets from many adverse conditions endured during handling, transportation and storage. By minimizing the percentage of fines, Pellet Binder reduces the loss and waste of feed during feeding and therefore significantly improves animal performance.
3. Preserves the feed: Poor conditions of storage and differences in temperature can produce condensation and streaming over the inner surface of the silos and generate a lot of fungi. Protected by the Pellet Binder which absorbs the moisture, the pellets keep their original physical from (no swelling) and flow freely in the silos.
The Pellet Binder is a premixture of lignosulfonate. This Binder exclusively develop from lignine derived from wood, is a natural and renewable product. The Pellet Binder is a binder especially developed for answering manufacturers of livestock feed needs and more particularly for feed with high energy.