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Feed Pellet Advantages

Feed Pellet Advantages


With the development of feed pellet industry, feed pellets have attracted more and more attention. Except for laying hen feed, most feeds are feed pellets. It is convenient to produce feed pellets by using feed pellet machine. The following are advantages of feed pellets:
1. Avoid feed segregation and environmental pollution, easy to store and transport.
For various kinds of powdery materials have different unit weight, powdery feed is easy to generate segregation. After pelletizing with feed pellet machine, there won't be segregation or dust. In feeding process, feed pellets make less pollution to air and moisture than powdery feed, and doesn't influence animal's respiratory system. The volume of powdery feed reduces about 33% after pelletizing, which can save storage area and freight.
2. Kill and destroy the harmful substance in feed, improve the feed security.
If people eat animal products infected by harmful bacteria (such as salmonella), it will cause corresponding disease. Adopting steam and high temperature tempering and then pelletizing can kill salmonella which exists in the livestock feed. It improves food security indirectly and ensures human health.
3. Enhance the livestock feed palatability, increase feed intake.
Through high temperature tempering, nutrient content in feed gets ripened, thus enhancing the livestock palatability. For large density, small size and high nutrition, livestock's feed intake increases accordingly.
4. Digest easily, improve feed utilization rate.
In pelletizing process, due to the comprehensive effect of moisture, temperature and pressure,  some physicochemical reaction occurs in feed pellets and cause starch gelatinization, thus the livestock can digest more effectively. Some toxic substance or inhibiting factor is destroyed because of heat effect, which improves the feed pellets utilization rate.
5. Avoid livestock's picky about feed, decrease feed waste.
The uniform size and comprehensive nutrition of feed pellets can avoid livestock's picky about feed pellets according to palatability. For other feeds, picky livestock will only ingest the portions of feed they enjoy while leaving behind that which they will rather not eat. Compared to powdery feed, feed pellets can reduce waste caused by floating powdery dust.
Because of the above advantages, feed pellets are widely used in breeding industry. This also promotes the development of feed pellet market and feed pellet machine market. Both family workshops and feed pellet plants can produce healthy feed pellets by using feed pellet mills. As the professional supplier of pellet mills, Allance Machinery can provide the advanced feed pellet mills and after-sales service.