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Charcoal Briquette Machine Introduction

Charcoal Briquette Machine Introduction
What Is Charcoal
As an output of wood materials,charcoal is formed when poor oxygen and high temperature exist all at once.After incompletely burned,wood or woody materials disintegrated into solid fuel with holes,leaving superior bunkers quality.
What Color Is Charcoal
Different heating temperatures bring different colors from appearance. To name just a few,the color is brown when woody materials are burned in 250℃,and it is difficult to wreck the final charcoal. While fired in 300℃-450℃,their ultima outward appearance is black.What is more,if the temperature is above 700℃,there is black gloss revealed,even a loud metal sound can be heard when you knock the charcoal.
What Density Is Charcoal
In general,charcoal's density is between 0.8g and 1.2g per cubic centimeter.With regards to raw materials'quality and breed, heat rising speed and burning time,etc.,their density is also different.As a rule,denser wood,denser charcoal.

What Are the Source of Raw Materials
Charcoal comes from various natural resources.Considering their countless types,I will just list a few here:
We can see that agricultural products such as rice hull,peanut shell,cotton bar,soybean rod,waste of flax,corn stalk and corn cob core,and etc. can be processed into charcoal.
From an industry standpoint, there are also many available stuff, such as bagasses in sugar refinery, sawdust, saw powder, bamboo edge waste and wood shavings in furniture factory or ternary plate plant.
In our daily life,paperboard,waste wooden boxes,spray,and even sunflower seeds husk can be used as raw materials of charcoal
What Is Charcoal Briquettes
Nowadays the most common fuel used in the world is charcoal briquettes.Briquettes are a type of manufactured charcoal product.Here are two photos about charcoal briquettes :
As you can see,charcoal briquettes are heavy and dense,which have been considered as ideal fuel.
Where Charcoal Briquette Can Be Used?
When it comes to this topic,we can track back to Shang Dynasty in China. People have applied charcoal to smelt weapons from then on.
Nowadays,apart from cooking,heating,lighting and barbecue in our daily life,charcoal has been also widely used in industry as clean fuel instead of oil and coal.For instance,we always see their figures in steel works,metallurgy and other industries.
Why Use Allance Charcoal Briquettes
In conclusion,I'm glad to tell you Allance charcoal briquette machine is the right fuel for you.
On the one hand,it is obvious that they can be transported and stored.
On the other hand,with superior burning value,our charcoal briquettes have performance characteristics,such as burning hotter and longer,smoke-free,tasteless,non-explosive flower.
The last but not least, only we are a top leading manufacturer and supplier in China,we will provide for you consistent high-quality products and technical support with great honor.