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To-Do List on Biomass Briquette Machine Operation

To-Do List on Biomass Briquette Machine Operation
Much greener than oil, coal and natural gas, biomass briquettes are from biomass materials compacted or compressed. Here are operation issues about biomass briquette machine you should know.

Biomass Briquette Machine Working Principle
Biomass briquette machine is mainly composed of feeding conveyor, compressor and discharging conveyor. And compressor includes its rack, motor, feeding port, drive system, compression roller, die, electric heating ring, and discharging port.
The basic working principle is as following:
1.Transport materials onto feed port by feeding conveyor.
2.Main shaft drives compression rollers. It is rotation of compression rollers that forces materials out in briquettes.
3.The final briquettes fall down from discharging port. After cold, they will be packed. 


 Wood Briquette Machine Starting-up System
To avoid necessary trouble in the coming work, it is essential to check the starting-up system.
1. Firstly, you should connect the power supply.
2. Then press the heating button to adjust suitable limit temperatures, which depend on your raw materials. In general, heat temperature should be kept between 80C° and 200C°.
3. Besides, try to run the machine for two or three minutes without materials.
4. After motor is working normally, start feeding conveyor.
If you make sure all is going well, starting-up will be finished.
Briquetting in Process
It is obvious that briquetting is the core. There are still some key points I want to emphasis as following:
1.Don't forget load materials evenly.
2.In this period, please pay attention to ampere meter on control cabinet so that you can make sure whether current is stable. Extra duty always leads to a burning-out motor accident.
3. Prohibit forcing to start the motor when biomass briquette machine runs into blocking phenomenon. You must clear away materials in feed bin before reboot motor.
Power-off Procedure
Besides all the above, there is one point to be mentioned, that is, electrical system has a reasonable stop method.
1.In order to facilitate next operation, you need to add materials for about 30kg and water for an appropriate amount before shutdown briquette machine. Yet, how much water you need to add? If water content is between 25% and 40%, that is to say, stop adding water until you see loose briquettes.
2.Stop feed intake and let the machine run for two or three minutes without materials contained when you intend to call off it.
3.Ditto you must make clear anything has been left in briquetting machine. Until now can you turn off motor.
In conclusion, if you take notice of details above, to operate a biomass briquette machine comes pretty easy.