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How to Turn Agriculture Waste into Biomass Fuel

How to Turn Agriculture Waste into Biomass Fuel
In the past, agricultural waste can only be used for animal feed,but as time went by, thanks to the develoment of technology, nowdays crop wastes and other biomass materials are capable of processing into solid fuel (pellets and briquettes).
Pellet fuel is a kind of renewable fuel which possesses many merits over traditional fossil fuel in many aspects. For example, pellet fuel is more clean, combustion efficient and environmental-harmless. Moreover, the range of raw material for pellet fuel is much wider than feed pellet. As for farmers, using the waste streams from growing crops and turn it into a valuable asset has several benefits. there are several agricultural residues they can recycle into fuels with pellet mill or biomass briquette machine.




Straw has been used as building house, animal bedding and paper production for centuries, good quality locally sourced wheat and oilseed rape straw, a sustainable bi-product of the cereal harvest can be regard as accessible feedstocks in pelettizing. The energy contained in the original raw material is highly concentrated, giving a fuel with very good energy qualities, caloric, with minimal amounts of ash. Straw pellets are favourable in the U.K because of our large grain market with over 2 million hectares of wheat grown annually. Farmers are recently seeing a value as a revenue in itself ,as long as cereal crops are grown, straw will be available, unlike wood which is becoming increasingly expensive and is now being imported in huge quantities from ports all over the world.
★Corn stover
Corn stover pellets actually produce less ash and are less corrosive than many other biomass pellets such as those made from straw and hay. The corn stover would be processed the same as most other biomass materials. Thankfully at the time of harvest the corn stover will be very dry and will not require additional drying before the material can be used in the pellet mill.
★Rice husk
Rick husk is usually used to feed animal. But turning them into pellets can bring more profit. One advantage of rick husk pellets is that it is more clean and convenient to keep in storage . In particular, rick husk is a popular for making pellets because they can skip the step of crushing and milling for they are already small enough to pelletize.
★Peanut Shell
Peanut shell is a big concern in peanut shell process, which occupies large area and has no much usage. Peanut shell pellet is a new way to solve that problem, which can be used as the substituted fuel of heating system, water boiler, industrial boiler, biomass power plants and so on.
★Sunflower husk
Sunflower husk is also accessible in many countries. But you may need to add some binding agents such as vegetable oil in the pelletizing process for lignin is not abundant in this plant.
Surely the agricultural wastes is not limited to the species mentioned above, with correct knowledge and guidance about solid fuel feedstocks, it’s helpful for pellet suppliers take part in producing.