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Wood Pellets Application in Spain

Wood Pellets Application in Spain
Biomass pellets
, especially wood pellets, can make a significant contribution to several European energy policy tasks, such as security of energy supply and carbon dioxide reduction. Wood pellets are a relatively clean fuel that is internationally available, easy to handle and has relatively low transport cost, so wood pellets are more and more popular. Then what about the wood pellets use in Spain?
The Spanish wood pellet market started in 2005, which is a quite new market. At first, the domestic consumption was very low in Spain, so large quantities of wood pellets were exported. The target countries are Portugal, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy and France. Why the domestic consumption was low? It was because they lacked general knowledge on biomass technology, boiler manufacturing and national incentives for the start of the wood pellet diffusion.

But now, the situation is changing. People can get more benefit from the wood pellets systems than electricity, oil and natural gas heating. The Regional Governments through their energy branches or energy agencies provide various supports, especially financial assistance. In Spain, the domestic consumption of wood pellets has increased than before.


The development of wood pellets will drive the wood pellet machines' wide application. There are mainly two types of wood pellet machine — flat die wood pellet mill and ring die wood pellet mill. The output of these two types are different, the flat die wood pellet mill is lower than the ring die wood pellet mill. Generally speaking, the flat die wood pellet mill is suitable for light industry and family use while the ring die wood pellet mill is fit for large factory and power plant.
Wood pellet productions are increasing yearly in Spain. In fact, wood pellets are now widely used in the world. As the professional supplier of pellet mills, Allance Machinery always offers the latest news, the first-class equipment and after-sales service.